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I really appreciate Anja’s dedication to getting things done and finding better processes. Her ability to figure things out and catch improvements as she goes is really impressive. It’s nice to have a second set of eyes I can trust.

Joelle Gourdji, Director of Operations, Mirasee
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Here’s what you can look forward to with our help

  • following a workflow that enables you to take time away from your business whenever you need it
  • using processes that significantly reduce the time you spend on admin and business maintenance
  • having structures that allow you to take on new clients without working more hours
  • establishing tools or solutions that do exactly what you want them to do and don’t break the bank
  • being able to take on new opportunities for growing your impact and getting your message out because you have a solid process in place to support that
  • working with reliable and effective systems that make sure you’re staying on track with important things and are considering meaningful details in your decisions
  • minimizing miscommunication issues to make sure your customers and team members are well-informed and happy and your co-operations are effective and smooth
  • providing your clients with a stellar customer experience so that they love to give you referrals and buy from you again

Finally Have Someone In Your Corner Who Helps You Keep Up With Everything That Running a Business Demands of You

My promise to you is to have your back and take the time-consuming complicated management tasks off your plate. Your OBM will be the greatest asset in your business very quickly.

I invite you to book a call with me and we’ll get you some clarity on what’s causing overwhelm and complexity in your business, and the next steps you can take to make your business life easier and more profitable.

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With joining Mirasee Anja aligns her talents and her deep-rooted team spirit with a team of like-minded amazing people that are on a mission to making an impact and changing the world for a better future.

Create The Foundation That Your Business Needs to be a Driver for Your Growth

Get this guide that contains my very best strategies around keeping your clients, even in hard times plus some additional ideas on what to focus on in the short-term to keep your clients happy. You'll get checklists for:

  1. Focusing on the clients you have now
  2. Opening your business up to a different type of client
  3. Making the most of former clients and prospects

... and more.

10 Things About Me

  • I was born and raised in the former GDR (German Democratic Republic; Eastern Germany) which gave me a unique perspective on things like community and contribution and inspired a great sense of resourcefulness and figure-out-ability in every area of my life.
  • My spirit animal is a Hawk, that stands for the power to see clear visions, taking the lead when the time is right and using the power of focus. The hawk is also the messenger of the spirit world and serves as a strong connection between the visions and the current reality.
  • I’m an avid reader and savour about one book per week. My favorite topics are books about business education, transformational work and self-development and fantasy novels.
  • My biggest passion is to travel the world and explore incredible places and experiences regularly. I love to meet new people, explore different ways of living and dive into the unique culture and community of each region.
  • I’m a very conscious tech user. While I’m eagerly taking advantage of all the newest tech developments to make my life easier and more enjoyable, I’m all the more aware of how often and to what purpose I use those technologies. I prefer real-life conversations over messages on devices at any time and maintain a regular routine of device fasting.
  • My signature strengths are a sense of connectedness, which means I’m naturally considerate, caring and accepting towards others and my drive for precision, which means I’m naturally imposing structures on my world to help me create predictability and order.
  • I’m keeping a journal called Life Book for all the different areas in my life, where I’m constantly defining the way I want to live my life and the goals I want to achieve in each category. It’s an ongoing work that keeps me in touch with my deepest desires and helps me to maintain an up-to-date bucket list with all of my lifetime goals.
  • I’m a fast decision maker and constantly create new opportunities to learn interesting things and grow further. My most valuable traits are my positivity and my solution-oriented mindset.
  • My family is my biggest life achievement so far. Knowing that I have a spouse and two amazing daughters that I’m deeply connected with empowers me to be the best mother and wife I can be and drives me towards constantly creating a better life for all of us.
  • I’m an Enneagram type 2 (Helper) with type 1 (Perfectionist), 4 (Romantic) and 5 (Observer) following right behind with nearly equal scores. This helps me to stay connected with my heart while supporting others to my best extent.

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